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Mel the Storyteller
Mel Rosenberg began writing children’s books in his twenties, while developing a professional career as a microbiologist specializing in bad breath and other odours. As a result, many of his books and stories are related to smells of various kinds, oral health and general well-being. 
Mel´s magical characters include his namesake, Mel the Dragon who learns to love ice cream, Kenya the Kangaroo who can´t hop high like her friends do,  Flo, a nearsighted fish, amazing tooth fairies and lovable kids who speak their minds (sometimes a little too much).

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The stories he writes are infused with his quirky humor, yet contain educational messages for children of all ages.  Three of his stories ("Bacteria Galore by Sunday at Four", "Witch Wizelda and the Talking Toothbrush", and "What to do with a Used Toothbrush") have been published in several languages and distributed in Israel and abroad.

You can also watch an educational story about hygene and dental health in it´s film version. "The Witch and Toothbrush," based on the "Wizelda" stor. It´s also available n Hebrew and Arabic.

Mel´s stories are currently illustrated by Israel´s premiere illustrator,
award-winning Rotem Omri. Together they have successfully created a delightful children´s website where you can find many of Mel´s books as e-books. Enjoy reading and listening to them, absolutely free. We only ask that you tell your friends if you like the website, comment on the stories, and please respect Mel´s copyright to the stories, the characters and the artwork.

Eventually, Mel hopes to have the stories available in many language
s, online and in print. 
Mel continues to write new stories with the hopes that children and parents will continue to read and enjoy them. 
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