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Mission Statement                                                                                                

InnoScent Ltd. specializes in innovative products for bad breath and other body odors.  The company’s mission is to become an international leader in applying odor-fighting solutions for OTC products, including dental, personal hygiene and other household products.

The Company                                                                                                                    

InnoScent Ltd. was founded by Prof. Mel Rosenberg and Dr. Karl Laden, renowned international expert in the area of deodorants and anti-perspirants who has served as a VP R&D of both Gillette and Carter-Wallace, two of the major marketers of anti-perspirant and deodorant products. The company was formed under the aegis of the RAD-Ramot incubator near Tel Aviv. InnoScent's key personnel and advisors include Yehuda Zisappel, Founder and chairman of RAD Data Communications, Eitan Abramovitch, CFO of RAD Data Communications, Peter Jackets, president of Crisaroma Ltd., the Liddorr family, representatives of Bayer AG chemicals in Israel, and Aromor Ltd., manufacturer of raw materials for flavor and fragrances.

Prof. Rosenberg was recently interviewed on  Japanese

television regarding InnoScent’s products.

Patents and Products                                                                                                      

1.         Breathanol™

Breathanol™ is a flavor, with unique proven capability to fight bad breath. It acts by preventing bacteria from producing foul odors. The efficacy of Breathanol in reducing bad breath-related parameters for over three hours was demonstrated in several controlled clinical studies. Patents and trademarks are approved and pending.

Since Breathanol™ is a flavor, it can be incorporated into a variety of oral products - toothpaste, mouthwash, chewing gum, dental floss, breath films - just to name a few. 

InnoScent has recently teamed up with Quest International Flavours and Fragrances to produce a mint version of Breathanol™ with great commercial potential (samples available). The first product containing the new mint Breathanol™ (Elite™ breath freshening chewing gum) has been followed by a mouthwash and breath tablets which are marketed in Scandinavia.

Products containing the original Breathanol™ flavor are currently being sold in Japan, distributed by Erit Ltd.

MUST breathanol containing gum against bad breath - by Elite

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